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About Us

Hello everyone and welcome to Grifftersworld Photography! 

My name is Ashley and as you can see from my photo I'm not the best at having my picture taken I prefer to be on the other side of the camera lol. 

I am the owner of Grifftersworld Photography.

I first fell in love with photography in 2014 my mother in law had a camera and snapped a photo of my son who was 2 at the time looking at a bubble in the garden and I remember thinking wow that is amazing I wish I could take a photo like that. 

Fast forward 6 months and I purchased my first camera and began my journey into learning photography. I soon got into doing weddings etc like most photographers do and fell out of love with photography.

In 2020 I picked the camera again and started to get into sports photography. I am a self-taught photographer learning sports photography during the constant stoppages from Covid.

I am National League Accredited.

If you are looking for a photographer for a game you have coming up or looking for that club photographer to come to all your games drop me a message today.

We are always helping volunteer photographers who would like to shoot under our brand and showcase their images on our site, If this is something you may be interested in feel free to get in touch.

Volunteer photographers for Griffterswolrd

Carl Jones

My name is Carl and I joined Grifftersworld as a volunteer with a host of experience in a range of fields.

My first experience of photography came around my 20th birthday when I purchased myself a Samsung galaxy compact camera, before moving into the DSLR world with a Nikon D3000 a year later.

Self-taught through reading and sharing experiences with a previous employer's usual photographer, I gained essential skills and opportunities that have developed me into the photographer I am today.

With experience coming in a range of areas, including commercial and product, corporate events, weddings, music performances, and sports;

I've worked with a range of local, national, and international clientele and delivered high-quality images to each of these.

Anthony Dunn

My name is Anthony, 

I'm a self-taught photographer, after learning about cameras and film making in college.

I  went down the road of going solo in photography, teaching myself how to edit photos along with the tricks of Photoshop and lightroom.

I started going solo in 2020 going from a phone camera to my first ever Nikon D3500 which I still use to this very day.

These photos were mainly landscape and street photography.

I've been in the sports photography field since August 2020 and been teaching myself everything about lenses and sports photography tricks.

David Plimmer

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My Name is David and I joined Grifftersworld in 2022 as a volunteer photographer, wanting to gain as much experience as possible in the world of sports photography.

I have previous experience with Family, Couple, and Wedding photography.

But now I am taking my love of sports to the next level with match day photography.

Having taken photos for the past 20 years, I hope my experience shows throughout my work.

As a Spurs fan, my goal with photography is to capture a matchday at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

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